iPad Scenario #2 - Copying content from many iPads (e.g. students’ iPads) to one iPad (e.g. teacher’s iPad) using Readdle’s Documents app.

My students have spent the last week creating their video in SonicPics and PinnacleStudio and have exported it to the Camera Roll on their iPad. How do I get those videos onto my iPad without using GoogleDrive, Dropbox, etc.?


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Student iPad Instructions - Sharing Your Saved Picture or Video

  1. Open Readdle Documents app, then select photos/videos you want to share with your teacher in Documents. When done selecting, tap on the SAVE button.
  2. Select the folder you want to save the picture or video in within Documents. This makes a copy of the photos/videos in your Camera Roll and saves them in Documents app.
  3. Tap on NETWORK to turn on your iPad's Wi-Fi Drive.
  4. Your iPad is now available to be connected to by others (e.g. Teacher) using ReaddleDocuments.

Teacher iPad Instructions: Copying Files to Where You Can Work With Them

  1. Open Readdle Documents app, then tap on NETWORK in Readdle Documents and look for your student’s iPad, which will appear under Available Devices on the NETWORK tab.
  2. Tap on your Student’s iPad and then you will be able to copy items from their iPad to your’s.