Storytelling Apps

The beauty of these apps--most of them are free--is that you can create content in the Level 1 apps, then remix into the Level 2 apps, then shared. That is, you can take what you made in one, publish it to your Camera Roll, then use it as fodder for your next creation!
    • App Price: Unless otherwise indicated in parenthetical comment after the name of the app, these apps below are available at no-cost.

Level 1 - Photo/Video Creation Apps Note: There are a multitude of apps that allow you to create. These are a few that are easy to get started and get you going.

    1. Camera Roll - This is an app that comes pre-loaded on your iPad. You have probably already used it to snap pictures on your iPad.
    2. Skitch - This app makes it easy to add comments, circle or draw arrows, as well as blur student faces, in photos you've taken with your iPad. You can also save the marked-up photo--without losing the original--back to your Camera Roll, then import the annotated image into other apps like those below.
    3. 30Hands - Take a collection of photos, organize them as slides in any order you want, then add audio narration. Include pictures of your Haiku Deck presentation. If you need to do some quick annotations on them, consider
    4. Haiku Deck (in lieu of Keynote) - stunningly beautiful images, text and chart preso maker. With this app, you can quickly create a slideshow using free images (copyright-friendly) on the web or from your own camera roll. You can easily export this slideshow as a Powerpoint via email or view it on the web via the Haiku Deck web site.

Level 2 - Narrating Your Work Note: You can "remix" anything you've created at Level 1 with the apps below. Unfortunately, these apps cost money.

    1. Explain Everything ($2.99) - Capture pictures and and video, then annotate and narrate them using this app. You can also use this to share your finished product to GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and many other places. All the products from Level 1 apps can be "remixed" to create something new inExplain Everything.
    2. Book Creator ($4.99) - Create your own ePub books with embedded video, audio, text.
    3. iMovie ($4.99) - Inexpensive movie creation tool. I prefer Pinnacle Studio, but iMovie will do for most.

  1. Level 3 - Sharing Your Creations
    1. Readdle Documents - Less of a creation app, more of a viewing app,this is an app that makes it easy to share your content with others, as well as copy your final product to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage locations.