Facilitator(s): Dr. Roland Rios with Miguel Guhlin

You're conducting walk-throughs and formal observation and you see teachers using technology. But, are they using it effectively? Are students being engaged, and is the teacher transforming learning through integration? In this session, you'll learn about two models of technology integration (the TPACK, SAMR, LOTI, and TIM Models) that will give you a theoretical (yet practical) framework to help guide discussion about tech integration.


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Review the 4 Models
  1. TPACK.org
  2. What Teachers Need to Know for Effective Technology Integration: TPACK
  3. TPACK Video Overview from TPACK Creators
  4. TPACK Activity Types Web Site by Dr. Judi Harris and Mark Hofer
  5. Creatively Repurposing Technology (Blog Entry)
  6. TPACK Radio/Video Show ISTE 2010 from Punya Mishra on Vimeo.
    via Punya Mishra

SAMR# Content Area SAMR Examples
  1. Miguel's Curated Content in Evernote for SAMR
  2. Classroom Learning Activity Rubric
  3. The Lost Art of Instructional Design (Blog Entry)
  4. Digital Discovery Videos (Blog Entry)
  5. Blending Rigor and Relevance with SAMR (Blog Entry)
    1. Rigor&Relevance+SAMR (Image)
  6. Video: EC3 Insight #1 - Heritage MS with Krista Gorzel and Deborah Schroeder
  7. Video: EC Insight #2 - Sinclair ES with Ms. Zunker and Ms. Johnson
  8. Video: EC Insight #3 - Heritage MS with Deborah Schroeder

Levels of Teaching Innovation (LOTI)
(f.k.a. Levels of Technology Integration)
Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)