Session Overview:
Today, we have the potential to tap into a flow of conversation, a web-based learning ecology, that we can learn from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Who you choose to follow in that conversation is YOUR PLN. We’ll explore some of the workflows.

‘appy Connections
Activity Outline
Apps Featured:
  1. Haiku Deck
  2. Twitter
  3. Hootsuite

Video Tutorials:
  1. 15-minute Intro to Twitter and PLNs
  2. Creating a Twitter List
  3. HootSuite Video(Outside of ECISD at YouTube)
Slideshow: Twitter Tornado of Connected Learning
(created in Haiku Deck presentation app, then dropped into Explain Everything)

external image oQkz66MLzDqspXw0DRGW3qL9P0ZvIuY-PA0lDzF5jelsrEIofAfIzj0I2rC26-IihCFCEe2opaL04g8rBGyWUR0khXBCGNOqiQn4kcbRA2zOF8fMLO6LAN2jMroHZekMHdXZjgSetup Your Twitter account &

external image oQkz66MLzDqspXw0DRGW3qL9P0ZvIuY-PA0lDzF5jelsrEIofAfIzj0I2rC26-IihCFCEe2opaL04g8rBGyWUR0khXBCGNOqiQn4kcbRA2zOF8fMLO6LAN2jMroHZekMHdXZjgExploring Hashtags:
EC3 Teacher Academy - #ec3ta13
EC Tech Ops - #ectobuzz
Education - #edchat
iPads in Education - #ipaded

external image oQkz66MLzDqspXw0DRGW3qL9P0ZvIuY-PA0lDzF5jelsrEIofAfIzj0I2rC26-IihCFCEe2opaL04g8rBGyWUR0khXBCGNOqiQn4kcbRA2zOF8fMLO6LAN2jMroHZekMHdXZjgTwitter List Setup - Follow specific people

Now You Try It
external image hp3vEmih-bwxjqsRHPsgbCx30ghxpzXGFw_pbacCcTMHTEKh8pCQ7DPbG8mdztUhuOBCUYFoOYlwLPXXvuE-tGTumBNPhWUIrIaqh0aYi7hb3B_Iohg5aPuXaOFESuzOdZfjPw Organize Your Hashtags in Hootsuite streams on your computer, then setup Hootsuite on your iPad.
App(s) Featured:
Read It Later’s Pocket app

Slideshow: Drinking from the Internet Firehose

external image oQkz66MLzDqspXw0DRGW3qL9P0ZvIuY-PA0lDzF5jelsrEIofAfIzj0I2rC26-IihCFCEe2opaL04g8rBGyWUR0khXBCGNOqiQn4kcbRA2zOF8fMLO6LAN2jMroHZekMHdXZjgCreate Your Pocket account (Computer)
external image hp3vEmih-bwxjqsRHPsgbCx30ghxpzXGFw_pbacCcTMHTEKh8pCQ7DPbG8mdztUhuOBCUYFoOYlwLPXXvuE-tGTumBNPhWUIrIaqh0aYi7hb3B_Iohg5aPuXaOFESuzOdZfjPw Install the Pocket app on your iPad