Energize eLearning Engagement (a.k.a. Moodle the Difference)

Description of Session
Curious as to how Moodle can be used to energize your elearning engagement? This session will share how others have taken advantage of various tools and open web technologies to enhance Moodle for virtual learning situations, both for adult and student learners. Questions are welcome!Energizingelearningengagements

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Multimedia Everywhere!
Note: You can embed multimedia content from the sites below easily--into wikis, blogs, and Moodle HTML blocks, discussion forums, labels, and more. View this example of a Wix.
Audio and Video

Audio# AudioBoo - Lets you take a picture, add your location and add audio that is available online. You can grab the RSS feed for your AudioBoo.
  1. Aviary.com/Tools - Use Myna Audio Editor to create/edit audio files for podcasts and more.
  2. Drop.io - Create audio content via phone or upload then embed it.
  3. Edublogs.tv
  4. Free Music Archive
  5. FreeSound.org
  6. Internet Archive - free digital recordings
  7. Magnatune.com
  8. MusOpen.com - Embed free public domain classical music
  9. Partners in Rhyme - royalty free music and sound effects
  10. Podsafe Audio
  11. Soundzabound - music loops (cherokeetrail, trail)
  12. Soundsnap - special effects and music loops
Video# Animoto.com - Make videos of still images, easily add audio.
  1. Archive.org - Access a wealth of media content.
  2. Blip.tv - Access videos.
  3. Edublogs.tv
  4. Embedr.com - Embed videos from various sources in ONE play window.
  5. Kerpoof.com - Make movies, pictures.
  6. MathTV.com - Access math videos.
  7. Vimeo.com - Source of video content.
  8. YouTube.com - Source of video content but you can alsocreate Google Search Stories

Webcams# AfriCam
  1. EarthCam.com
  2. National Zoological Park
  3. PuppyCams

Collaborative Word Processing Tools
  1. PrimaryPad.com
  2. iEtherpad.com
Comic Strips and Avatars
  1. BitStrip.com
  2. GoAnimate.com
  3. Create Speech Bubbles with SuperLame.com
  4. Garfield Comic Strip Maker (requires Flash SWF compatibility)
  5. Strip Generator
  6. Voki.com
Digital Posters, SlideShows and Collaboration Tools
  1. Edu.Glogster.com - Create digital, interactive posters
  2. ShowBeyond.com - Put your slideshow online and add audio
  3. SlideShare.net - Another way to share your slideshow
  4. Voicethread.com - Put anything online, add audio/video/text and invite feedback from others for collaborative projects.
  5. WarningSign Generator - Create warning signs that you can save then import into your document or web page.
Charts and Graphs
  1. BuzzDash.com
  2. Chartle.net
  3. ChartGo
  4. Create a Graph
  5. Do It Yourself Chart
  6. GoogleForms
  7. GraphJam.com
  8. iCharts
  9. Kids' Zone Create a Graph
  10. Online Chart Generator
  11. PollDaddy.com
  12. PollEverywhere.com
  13. Rich Chart Live

  1. Every Stock Photo
  2. Flickr Creative Commons Search Engines
    1. Flickr CC
    2. Flickrcc.bluemountains.net
    3. Flicker Storm
    4. Creative Commons Search
  3. PicFinder
  4. Pics4Learning
  5. PD Photo
  6. Create Word Clouds from Text
    1. TagCrowd.com
    2. Tagxedo.com
    3. WordItOut.com
    4. Wordle.net | Read 45 Ways to Use Wordle in Classroom

Clip Art (great for Comic Life users)

  1. Barry's Clip Art Server
  2. Discovery Education Clip Art
  3. School Clip Art
  4. Teacher Files

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Find more resources Online at

Moodle Mayhem

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IntroductionHow we read, write, and communicate has changed. This is an earth-shattering truth for people in any walk of life, but even more critical for educators to grasp. It is critical because educators are the ones charged with preparing children for the future.
The prevalence of the Internet forces changes in what our definition of what constitutes literacy in our world today. //Moodle//, a course management system, can provide a solution that can be used to maximize the impact of new literacies while helping educators move their world.
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Planning Resources
  • Moodle Course Planner - This is helpful to me as a paper or electronic document to plan out what the "inside" content of my Moodle is going to look like, what interactives I want, and more.
  • Adding RSS Feeds to Your Moodle - Find out how to add external content to your Moodle using Real Simple Syndication (RSS). More tips online at Moodle Mayhem link shown right.
  • Learn how to embed--or put--media content into your Moodle
  • Two Minute Moodles Videos (Tomaz Lasic) - This is a collection of 2 Minute Moodles - an attempt to simplify and show how to use a range of Moodle features to a busy teacher.

Published Articles* Why Moodle?
Be sure to review Diana Benner's Moodle Course Design presentation

Need Technical Support and want to set up your own Moodle on your laptop or a server?

external image energizer.png?height=288&width=320
Image Source: Adapted from http://goo.gl/YTCRv
1 - Server Setup Instructions
  1. Windows -
    1. Apache
    2. Internet Information Server (IIS)
      1. Illustrated tutorial (external link to the work of Alex Pearce)
  2. UbuntuLinux -
  3. Macintosh -
    1. Illustrated tutorial (PDF)

2 - Quick Upgrade of a Moodle Instance
  1. Backup Your Moodle Database (View Tutorial)
  2. Backup your config.php file in your Moodle directory in htdocs
  3. Download the latest version of Moodle 2.2.x to your computer.
  4. Copy your old Moodle's themes, mods and blocks--this is a good time to upgrade
    them--into the new Moodle version you've downloaded from Moodle.org
  5. Delete everything else in your Moodle directory in htdocs EXCEPT the config.php
  6. Copy the contents of the new Moodle 1.9+ into your old directory.
  7. Go to http://localhost/moodlename/admin to complete installation

4 - Migrating to Moodle 2.x from Moodle 1.9.x
  1. Migrating Database from 1.9 to 2.0 readiness
  2. Download the latest version of Moodle 2.x to your computer.
  3. Copy your old Moodle's themes, mods and blocks--this is a good time to upgrade
    them--into the new Moodle version you've downloaded from Moodle.org
  4. Delete everything else in your Moodle directory in htdocs EXCEPT the config.php
  5. Copy the contents of the new Moodle 2.x into your old directory.
  6. Go to http://localhost/moodlename/admin to complete installation.