iPad Scenario #3 - Publishing Content from iWorks apps (e.g. Keynote, Pages) on Student’s iPad directly to the Teacher’s iPad using Readdle’s Documents app.


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Student iPad Instructions - Sharing Your iWorks document

1) Open the iWorks app you want to share from (e.g. Keynote), then view your presentation.
2) To share your Keynote presentation, tap on the wrench in the top right-hand corner and choose Share and Print option.
3) Select the Copy to WebDAV option. You’ll be prompted for a Server address, a username and password. Ask your teacher for the server address (which is the IP address for his/her iPad) and type it into the server address, then tap on “sign in.”
4) Once you are connected, you’ll be able to choose the file format you want to share the
presentation in--Keynote, Powerpoint, PDF. If you want your teacher to be able to edit the Keynote,
send the keynote version.

Teacher iPad Instructions: Copying Files to Where You Can Work With Them (Student iPad)

1) Open Readdle Documents app, then tap on NETWORK in Readdle Documents.
2) Turn your iPad into a WebDAV server by tapping on the WiFi Drive icon in the top right-hand corner (you’ll only see it if you’ve already tapped on NETWORK tab while in Readdle Documents.
3) Share your iPad’s IP address or name with your students; here’s an example but the numbers will be different depending on your network:

You can share either address. Note that if you are going to be sharing often, the bottom address is less likely to change over time.