Note: Sessions appear in alphabetical order. All sessions are approximately 1 hour long unless otherwise indicated in the description.

BYOT - Seven Guides to BYOT Campus Leadership
“Have you stopped and taken a breath about what BYOT means for YOU, your teachers, students, and parents?” Bring your own technology (BYOT) intrigues many, frightens others. As a result of that fear and concern, it’s critical that campus leadership teams craft a strategy to implement BYOT. This session offers two approaches you can use as part of a “strategy session” for campus leaders.

Digitizing the Writing Workshop with Traditional Technology Tools (e.g. laptop)
In this fast-paced, hands-on session, participants will works as teacher leaders to digitize the writing workshop. Often, our focus is on students use of digital tools during the writing process. Learn how you can digitize the writing workshop with safe, free, easy-to-use Web 2.0 technologies and software.

Drinking from the Internet Firehose - Content Curation Made Easy
What is content curation? It's a way of managing the firehose of information slamming into use from every device we own, from computer to smart phone. This workshop will introduce you to some of the ways you can better manage a world of content, not just online but offline as well. If you are always trying to keep track of web sites, bookmarks, information, then this session will help you get a handle on it all! Of course, you may have a tiger by the tail!

eLearning Roadmap–Creating Online Professional Development That Works
Co-Facilitators: Diana Benner and Miguel Guhlin
Create online professional development that works! This session will guide participants in developing and facilitating online professional learning opportunities employing a variety of mediums, including Edmodo, Moodle, and wikis+discussion areas. A sample course (e.g. digital citizenship) demonstrating various mediums will be shared. Online materials appear at

Energizing eLearning Engagement: The Moodle Difference
Curious as to how Moodle can be used to energize your elearning engagement? This session will share how others have taken advantage of various tools and open web technologies to enhance Moodle for virtual learning situations, both for adult and student learners. Questions are welcome!

Strand(s): Virtual/Online Learning and Classroom Management, Collaboration, & Communication | Skill Level(s): All

Freedom to Succeed with Keynote Speaker Miguel Guhlin
“At a time when shrinking school budgets mean that schools will never achieve one-to-one, the resourceful approach involves asking kids to bring their home devices into schools.” When I uttered those words a few months ago, I had no idea I'd soon have the opportunity to begin the process. Whether it's iPads, netbooks, BYOT, one of the pre-requisites of success is allowing yourself the freedom to succeed. This session focuses on getting past the boundaries and limits institutionalized in schools. How are you empowering learners in your school?

GoogleApps - Blending GoogleApps and iPad to Achieve Collaborative Learning
In this apps-on session, participants will have the opportunity to explore how to best take advantage of GoogleApps for Education on the Apple iPad. The fundamental question this session helps you answer is,"What is the workflow that makes interacting with GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive easy on an iPad?"

iPad - Become an App-Smasher!
EAvoid succumbing to content app frenzy, instead center your use of iPads to create projects that allow for "app smashing." In this session, learn how you can blend the creations from one or more apps into incredibly fun creations. Get a free copy of the iBook, The Definitive App Smasher's Guide.

iPad - Crafting a Professional Learning Network (PLN) Today, we have the potential to tap into a flow of conversation, a web-based learning ecology, that we can learn from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Who you choose to follow in that conversation is YOUR PLN. We’ll explore some of the workflows.

iPad - Creating and Telling Social Stories with Your iPad
Social Stories were devised as a tool to help individuals on the autism spectrum better understand the nuances of interpersonal communication so that they could interact in an effective and appropriate manner" (Source: Wikipedia).
In this hands-on session, learn how to blend images and sound into a video social story using your iPad. Learn how you can use inexpensive apps on the iPad to easily create social stories for those within the autism spectrum.

iPad - Collecting and Sharing Student Work Easily
In this hands-on Bring Your Own iPad, learn how to collect and share student work easily. This workshop will introduce you to several efficient workflows that will facilitate students turning their work in or making it available in-classroom sharing, some without access to the cloud-based storage options.

iPad - Creating Narrated Slideshows and Screencast for Teaching, Learning and Leading
Are you an educator or school principal that has access to an iPad 3 or greater but not sure how to effectively use it with social media and podcasting tools to get your campus stories out to the Community? In this hands-on session, participants will explore how to create engaging podcasts through the use of two iPad apps, Sonic Pics ($2.99) and Pinnacle Studio ($12.99).

iPad - Project Sharing with In-Organization Server
Wonderful creative devices that facilitate product creation, school districts often find themselves struggling to share student work via cloud-based solutions like and that require students be at least 13 years of age. Participants will learn how to setup an server--also known as WebDav--student document sharing on a local server (laptop). This process translates to the setup for a server in your own district. Participants will see how to setup on an UbuntuLinux Apache web server.

Managing Mobile Devices and Learning - BYOD and iPads
Have an iPad but not quite sure how to get productive on it quickly? In this session, we'll explore recommendations for enhancing your productivity (app recommendations!) with the iPad, as well as share implementation guides for management and storing data in a mobile environment. If you haven't explored these technical issues, this is a must-attend session.

Models of Technology Integration
Facilitator(s): Dr. Roland Rios with Miguel Guhlin
You're conducting walk-throughs and formal observation and you see teachers using technology. But, are they using it effectively? Are students being engaged, and is the teacher transforming learning through integration? In this session, you'll learn about two models of technology integration (the TPACK Model and the SAMR Model) that will give you a theoretical (yet practical) framework to help guide discussion about tech integration.

Moodle - Setting Up Your Own, Self-Hosted Moodle Learning/Course Management System
Participants will learn how to setup a Moodle server on a local machine (laptop). This process translates to the setup for a server in your own district. Participants will see how to setup Moodle in both Apache and IIS. Preferred device: Windows laptop. Duration: 3 hours.

Passionate to Participate
In this enchantingly mundane preso, veteran blogger Miguel Guhlin shares his meteoric rise to rock star status as a blogger, confesses his blogging addiction, time spent in rehab and offers a retrospective look at blogging as therapeutic nonsense worth tracking and sharing. You will come away with 6 technical tips for tweaking your digital footprint as you build a worldwide following of peers passionate to participate in YOUR professional learning network (PLN).